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Lost Confidence

For some time I thought about getting a new mobile phone. I have been a Virgin customer for some years.

I spoke to Virgin and visited their shop. I accepted a new LG K8 phone. It arrived in the agreed timescale.

Then I tried switching to the new phone, with a new Virgin card Sim card. Virgin were helpful, unfortunately I lost the use of both the new and the old phone for 24 hours. I was not warned about this!

Now my new phone was able to make calls, texts and the camera worked. Unfortunately it had run ‘out of space’ and I had no access to the internet and no apps would load/work!

Meanwhile in one call I was asked if I could switch Facebook on, to my surprise it came on. Unfortunately it stayed on. There was £26 in web charges. Virgin would not credit these charges back (yet another call).

After several calls to Virgin we established that the micro SD card was too small, it was only 2GB, I had transferred this card from the old phone.

After the purchase of a new micro card (£17.00) the phone started working a lot better but I had lost all my phone contacts! It was still ‘out of space’. Once again Virgin advised that I delete/transfer out all my photos (via my pc), this I did and the phone now works as intended.

In between times I have been asked to reset and factory reset the phone!

In summary after about 8 calls (I lost count) £43 (£26+£17) extra expenditure my phone is now working. I am sitting watching tv re- loading all my contacts.

After this very poor experience Virgin refused to accept the phone back.

Obviously I am not a technical person although I have learnt a lot!

I am signed up for two years – will the phone stay working for that long? Or will I be on the phone again to Virgin? Can I do anything to avoid the problem ‘of out of space’?


Incidentally the settings (Storage and USB) tell me that ‘Device storage’ is 7.42GB used of 8.00 GB and the Portable Storage’ is 215mb used of 29.71 GB.


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Re: Lost Confidence

Hi Stuartamailbox


Welcome to the community and sorry to hear about your issues with the LG K8 handset. When it comes to managing internal memory there are a number of steps we can recommend. 


A memory card is a great first step, alongside backing up your phones contents to a PC or laptop. It’s worth noting however that not everything can be transferred from the phones internal memory.


  • The Android system software and its many functions usually rely on internal storage.
  • Certain apps come pre-installed on most handsets and cannot be transferred from internal storage. The same applies for some apps you can install from the Google Play Store. 


If you have a Google account setup on the handset this can also be set to backup contact information. You can do this by following these steps:


  • On your phone’s home screen, select Apps, then Settings.
  • In Settings, make sure you select the tab for General at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to and select Backup & reset.
  • Select Backup my data and you’ll see a switch allowing you to enable the feature.
  • Under Backup account you should see your Gmail address, if not tap on it and you will be given the option to add it as the backup account.
  • At this point go back into your Settings and select Accounts & Sync.
  • Ensure the Auto-sync data tick box is checked and tap on Google.
  • You will be presented with a list of everything that can be backed up to your Google account.
  • Ensure the required options are checked and tap on the Menu button in the top right hand corner. This is the icon that looks like three dots one on top of each other.
  • Select Sync now and you will have an up to date backup of your handset.


Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.


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