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Lack of transparency with pre-installation team

Around 7 weeks ago, a virgin installation team came around to my house, and after a short inspection, discovered there were no tracks on our side of the road. They informed me that they would have to dig up the road, and it would take 4-6 weeks unless something unexpected happened. Begrudgingly, I agreed I could wait this long.

Around 3 weeks ago (so 4 weeks in), I received an email telling me it would be another 6-8 weeks, as if nothing at all had happened in the 4 preceding weeks and they had only just requested permission from the council. So I ring up, ask if there's a reason why the construction has been delayed, and the pre-installation team tell me they don't know of any reason. However, as compensation, I'm told that I can have £15 a month to pay for an mobile internet contract to tide me over, or get a different contract and virgin media will pay it off. The first suggestion sounded reasonable, and the second too good to be true, so I asked for written confirmation via email. After all, email is a fair, transparent and accountable method of communication, much more so than a phone call.

After a couple of days, no email. So I ring back, again explaining my situation and asking for an email explaining the terms of this compensation. I am told that the person I talked to previously shouldn't have promised the second option, but the first option was still fine. Fair enough I thought, so again I ask for written confirmation, again again it doesn't arrive. So I ring again, and exactly the same happens again.

I've been promised this email 3 times, and I still haven't received it, even after confirming my email address every time. I have looked for a way to contact the pre-installation team via a more accountable method and all I can find is the phone number, so I have been forced to use this forum.

In summary, I have two complaints/questions:
- Why couldn't I have been given realistic and honest information about installation time and why couldn't I have been told the reason why nothing has happened for 4 weeks? If Virgin don't plan to install internet at all at my address or they plan to drag their feet, then I deserve to know.
- Why can't the pre-installation team seem to send me an email confirming what they keep promising over the phone?

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Forum Team
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Re: Lack of transparency with pre-installation team

Hi jondea

Many thanks for getting in touch with us about the offer you have been given to support you whilst the services are pending connection, and a warm welcome to the forums too.

I can see there are some supporting notes on the account and these show an email was processed for you in Feb when the offer they agreed at the time was put in place for you.

In order for us to support you further and confirm the details of this, you can either contact us via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where our teams can clear security with you and confirm the offer the Pre Install team applied for you.

Via the Webchat link if you choose an option on the left you will then be able to select the 'Chat To Us' option when you tab over to the right of the page.

E.G Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Those teams can reapply for the email the teams have previously sent by speaking to the PIC teams for you, or in the case of Webchat, provide their chat transcript confirming the offer they have applied for you.

Please let us know how this goes for you and keep in touch if you need anything else.

Take care.

Forum Team

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