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Internet or router keeps resetting in area 15

My Hub or internet service seems to be resetting itself frequently, but only recently. Like when you switch the Hub on and off, the connection interrupts, the green lights flash and after a few minutes you're reconnected again. I'm just trying to understand whether this is a problem with internet service or the VM Super Hub…

I've had the Hub for around 6 months and everything's been fine, but over the last few weeks I've noticed this resetting is happening more and more frequently, often a number of times in a row. I'm in area 15. Is there any way to find out wether this is a service interruption or whether it's my hardware?


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Re: Internet or router keeps resetting in area 15

Sorry to hear about the intermittent connection experienced benek,


I can see that a cable re-pull has been scheduled in.


Post-refresh your equipment levels still appear to display some signal issues.


I'd like to arrange a field engineer visit as a precaution.


I've sent you a private message so that we can get this booked in ASAP.


Hope to hear back from you soon,



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