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Installation nightmare PLEASE HELP


I will try and keep this as to the point as possible.

In February I ordered Virgin Media VIP package. Having never had cable before I had an appointment for a spotter to come to my property on the 7th of March to assess if the work can be carried out without any construction work needed for my install due on 25th of March.

On the 7th of March an engineer/spotter come to my property and confirmed everything was fine to go ahead, admittedly not the easiest job but could be done. He even said that he would do his upmost to be the engineer to carry out the installation as he has seen the property and knows how to best perform the install with regard to wiring etc. I proceeded to cancel my services with sky as advised from all the emails virgin were sending about my upcoming installation.

So the installation day comes and the engineer arrives, he looks round the property and then says he is going outside to see the catv manhole and entry point. He spent a while outside on the phone and eventually come back up to my flat. He says he cannot perform the installation due to the contractors virgin use have not yet pulled the cable from underneath the road and as the property is above a shop he will require another engineer to attend due to health and safety because of climbing a ladder.

This was the beginning of my problems, he promised me that the contractors would be out that afternoon to pull the cable and he would be back as soon as it is done to perform the install. Two hours later I still hadn't heard anything so I decided to call pre installation be told that the contractors come out an hour after my engineer left but couldn't pull the cable because they couldn't find the exchange, which the advisor was "embarrassed" to inform me. I was promised that this would be done by Monday and my engineer would be back as soon as it is done to carry out the installation! I was also advised that they had changed my installation to the 4th of May just to keep the account live so it wouldn't go into cancellation as the install wasn't carried out that day. I was assured that this wouldn't be my install date, it was just a random date used by the manager to keep the account live! I was told there was a note on the account that a manager had called me, I haven't received such a call.

The next day the cable was pulled as promised, as it was late I decided to call Virgin yesterday at lunch time. The advisor I spoke with said that it isn't good news, I would have to wait until the date given as all engineers are fully booked. Explaining my grievances I got told that my case has been escalated to a manager and I will get a call back within the next day to arrange a new date. I demanded the install be this week as our sky services are now disconnected and I am without tv phone and broadband, the advisor said he couldn't promise this week but assured me I wouldn't have to wait a whole month.

I called again today to keep chasing explaining I do not think it is good service or fair that I should be made to wait for Virgins error. The pre install staff are extremely unsympathetic and don't seem bothered if I leave or stay. All they want to do is get me off the phone as soon as possible. I have been asked to wait until tomorrow to see if someone calls. All I ask is that I get my installation done as agreed, as soon as the cable is pulled. Why is this so hard? Why does no one want to help? I have complained and got a reference number but no one has called back as of yet. I left sky to get a cheaper deal yet the comparison in customer service is shocking! Sky fought tooth and nail to keep me, when I threatened to cancel my install the advisor was quite happy to let me leave with no urge to persuade me to stay.

Is there anyone on here that can help? This is ridiculous, why is it deemed "normal" for Virgin to make an error and then make me wait another month before they can install to rectify the situation? Seriously do not know whether to sign up to Sky for another 12 months, cannot go a month and a bit without broadband phone and tv
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Installation nightmare PLEASE HELP

Hi Rcoleman7

I appreciate you joining us on the forums and letting us know about the issues you have had with installation delays. My apologies that the pre pull teams were not able to get the cable to the property as expected when the site survey engineer called out prior to the installation date.

I can see since you posted to us this has been escalated as a complaint and that this has been picked up by the teams who have contacted you and rearranged the appointments with you to a more suitable date.

I hope the installation goes ahead okay for you on the new date. Let us know how you get on and if you need anything else, just give us a shout Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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