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Installation Issue - New Flat

Hi, i am wondering if anyone can help with an installation issue i am experiencing.

I have just moved in to a new flat that is wired for Virgin with wall sockets etc. My original installation date was the 8th of July but when the engineer arrived he could not gain access to the maintenance cupboard by the entrance of the building. 

 Apparently he needed access to this cupboard to proceed with the installation. None of the keys i have worked so he said i would need to contact the property manager to obtain access and re-arrange the installation.

He said that he has already installed Virgin for someone else in the building but when he arrived on that day the building work was still going on and cupboard was open.

I contacted my landlord who said that they don't give residents access to it and that Virgin Media would need to contact the property managers (Belgarum) to obtain access. 

Since then Virgin have automatically re-arranged the installation for this Thursday 20th July.

I have just called the Virgin installation team who suggested that that are forms that need to be filled out for this to go ahead and that i should wait for the engineer to arrive on Thursday so he can explain what needs to happen. 

My issue is that the engineer has already been to the property, and explained what needs to be done. 

All i need is for Virgin to contact Belgarum to gain access to this maintenance cupboard so they can install the services. 

It has now been nearly a month since i ordered broadband services and i would like them installed as soon as possible. No cabling needs to be done the service just needs to be enabled for my flat in the building. 

I hope someone can offer some advice. 



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Re: Installation Issue - New Flat

Forum staff usually take about a week to reply so I doubt they'll get to you before the tech comes on Thursday.


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