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In need of a re pull

Ok, so we decided to join virgin media due to the fact as a gamer and buying games digitally need something a lot better than what we have right now.

We ordered our package online and chose our date for installation, we knew that we would need the cable re pulled before installation as we tried some years before but family decided just to go back to sky after weeks without phone or tv.

In total I made around 13 calls to customer services before the date of installation (today) to get them to send out someone to do a re pull but each time they just didn't seem to understand or comprehend what we were asking and spent more time trying to sell me more items we don't want.

so the engineer comes out to install and we tell him about the re pull needed and he checks it out and agrees saying it will need to be done. he calls his supervisor who said he would come out to "confirm" we need a re pull. so later 2 more vans showed up checked it again and again saying we need a re pull and saying they will get on it.

now for my question. i know the forum team wont pick this up for a few days hence why i'm posting now but after reading other posts about re pulls on here shouldn't they have booked us in for a re pull and gave us a date and rough time while they were here? and for the forum team would you possibly be able to look into whether it has been booked in? as every time they say we will receive a call we never get one. he did say around 10 days which is fine but id like to know that it has at least been booked in.

I know I could call customer services and try to find out from them but after so many calls before now i don't think id be able to deal with them anymore

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Re: In need of a re pull

Morning bedda2590,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


My apologies for the delay with the installation of the Virgin Media services.


I can look into this for you and check the information of the re-pull. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) requesting some details.


Hope to hear from you soon


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