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Hub upgrade delivery dates

Virgin inform me I need a hub upgrade. My system works well enough. To do Virgin Media a favour I accept and request a Saturday delivery. Two days ago they changed the delivery date to a weekday (no explanation or apology) where I am supposed to wait between 8am and 9pm for a delivery instead of going to work... Despite their promise to "deliver on the day you have chosen" as shown on their web-page. I tried contacting VM via the email they sent telling me of the (wrong) delivery date, only to be informed that email does not reply. I eventually found the contact us email, and very conveniently for VM this doesn't work (comes up with a fail message). The questions are:- Is this a common problem with VM shifting delivery dates (my experience of Yodel is very poor and maybe it is not VM changing dates) and - does anyone have a customer care email for VM that actually works?

Thank you

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