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Hub 3.0 Router Status Downstream page not working

VM recently upgraded me to the Hub 3.0 after the Superhub 2 stopped working.

However, I have noticed after logging into the Router with the address and checking the Router Status not all the tab headings work.

Status, Upstream, Configuration and Network Log work okay but Downstream does not list any information and is stuck on the spinning 'refresh' picuture.

After leaving it for a while, the list remains blank and does not list any details about the Downstream channels and which are locked, Power dBmV etc.

Hub 3.0 Hardware version - 10

Software version - 9.1.116V

Anyone else have this problem?

VM please fix it.

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Re: Hub 3.0 Router Status Downstream page not working

have you tryed reset the router and try it again you do not need to log in to view router status

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