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[Hub 3.0 Ireland] No Internet or extremely slow


I am using the new router Hub 3.0, I get a lot of issues about my Internet connection. It was fine with the Technicolor TC7200 before for more than 2 years.

Issue : randomly, Internet is either very slow and impossible to use or simply does not load any webpages. The issue happens in WiFi and in Ethernet.

The last outage I experienced was yesterday (31th Dec 2016) around 6 / 7:30 pm.

I came back this morning and Internet is working fine finally.

But in the last weeks, I would say that the issue happened 4 or 5 times. It started with the new Hub 3.0.

Troubleshooting tried :

1. I tried to switch my DNS to and : did not help

2. I tried to disable IPv6 and keep only IPv4 : same issue.

3. I tried to reset the Hub 3.0 a couple of times and it did not work.

4. I tried to unplug all cables and replug them, also verifying that the co axial cable is correctly plugged to the wall : same issue.

5. I tried to open a command prompt and type ping : it works and the answer is quite fast, about 15-20 ms.

6. I tried to open a command prompt and use nslookup. I am able to use it with or

I am an UPC/Virgin customer since July 2014 and was very happy about it since Virgin bought back UPC and switching to the new Hub.

Do you know if there are other customers experiencing the same issue recently ?

I read that it was the case at the beginning of December :

 Thank you in advance,


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Re: [Hub 3.0 Ireland] No Internet or extremely slow

This is the Virgin Media UK support community, as such, the staff here cannot assist you. Please post about the matter over in the Virgin Media Ireland community, link:

Any opinions expressed by myself are entirely my own and do not represent Virgin Media in any way.
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Re: [Hub 3.0 Ireland] No Internet or extremely slow

this is not a Ireland support community you have to use link in @Shelke's post ty and staff here can't access ireland database or chack ireland's connections i think you wasted your time posting that here and virgin media does have community in every counrty it is in

i did fetch this from ireland virgin media website i think you should try this

Chat Offline.
Try Back Later.

Back online at 9am
Ways to call us

Call: 1908 select option 2.

Calling from abroad:


Opening hours:

Mon - Sun 9am to 9pm

sorry we can't help here you should call them or try for irelands Virgin Media Ireland community

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Just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong.
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