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Hub 3.0 Green Light Issue

Hi, so i had virgin installed about a month ago, and i have to say im very annoyed. The internet speeds are phenomenal, but having to put up with the issue with the hub are equally annoying. If i move the hub (even slightly) it all goes green and wont connect. If i plug/unplug any ethernet cables from the hub it all goes green and loses internet. Even if i remove the ethernet from my pc it knocks the hub into green flashing lights. The solution to get it back on is simple enough, but its soooo annoying!! wiggling the cable from the wall a few times tends to get the hub flashing white and working again, but with brand new equipment this shouldnt happen. It would seem the cable coming from outside to
inside is "dodgy", but that wouldnt explain why unplugging the ethernet from my pc (not touching the virgin hub) knocks out my connection??? can anyone explain this behaviour?? Just a note to mention, the cable coming into my house from the virgin "socket" thing outside was here when we moved in over 5years ago and wasnt replaced when i had my install, could this old cable be the issue?? Thanks in advance for any help
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Re: Hub 3.0 Green Light Issue

Hi there pingujames1990,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to read you are having an issue with the router losing connection.


From what you have mentioned it sounds like an issue with the router itself. If you can send me a Private Message confirming your name and full address, I can arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.


Speak soon


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