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Hub 3.0 Firmware and everything else

Getting virgin broadband today " pull through job" booked.

Already got my hub 3.0 been waiting a month for today to arrive.

Should I be excited for 100mpbs I signed up for ?

Or will this be a start of a nightmare using a hub 3.0 ?

The more I read the more I'm worried about hub 3.0.

I have an existing ASUS DSL-AC68U so as soon as I have a connection on the hub 3.0 I may put it modem mode to minimise further problems, or am I being nieve.

What problems have you had with hub 3.0 ?

What should I avoid or do for minimal problems ?

Can I upgrade the firmware manually, as I believe this is the route cause of the hub 3.0 problems ?

Can a hub 3.0 be cracked/ jailbroken ?

also how to change DNS on hub 3.0


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Re: Hub 3.0 Firmware and everything else

Just search the forums, Hub3, Superhub3 etc. Personally I find the Hub3 works fine for the way I use it, apart from the Mac filtering/Timed access which does not work. I have not had any speed (100Mb) issues. The 2.4 and 5Ghz signals cover the house adequately but I do get an occasional glitch which drops some connected devices (No internet connection but still connected to the router wifi) while others stay connected and work ok. I have to reboot the router to re connect when it happens. There are a lot of reports of issues using Modem mode so do a quick search before you use it.

Hub3 firmware updates are rolled out automatically as VM release them in different areas of the country.

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