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How can a new customer complain about shocking Virgin media service?


First - a little background.

Owing to some very traumatic personal issues I have recently been forced to move, at very short notice, into rented accommodation. So I am already more than a little stressed out.

Unfortunately, what was not made clear to me before I moved in to my new flat is that the block is  a Virgin Media monopoly. i.e. It's cabled up by Virgin and none of the other ISP suppliers I have contacted have been willing to supply me with phone/broadband/TV. I can't even get TV reception here because it's a conservation area and aerials aren't allowed!. So I am stuck with Virgin media.

Doesn't have to suck of course - but this being Virgin ... well, it does.

I phoned up Virgin Media Sales, and via email and phone conversations I kind of got where I needed to be. Paying too much of course, but as I'm at the mercy of a monopoly service here I made the best out of a bad deal as I could. I didn't even want fibre - but there's no regular broadband on offer. It only took a week and a half of effort to organise!

My activation was scheduled for Saturday 28th January 2017, and on Thursday 26th January I received text confirmation that Yodel would be delivering my router/Tivo box on Friday 27th, plus I received notification by email of my new Virgin account number.

"Hi there [the text said]. We'll deliver your kit tomorrow 8am-9pm. We'll email you all the info and our courier will be in touch on the day with tracking details."

I rang up customer Services just to be on the safe side, and was assured my delivery would indeed happen between 8am and 9pm on Friday 27th. So I booked the day off work - to be in when the delivery arrived.

As you might expect, by 12pm on the 27th I'd had no further communication. No text message, no phone call to my mobile, no email. So I rang customer services ... who told me that the delivery was now on hold and an engineer would instead turn up a week later on Friday February 3rd.

Needless to say I am absolutely livid that I've wasted a day off, and that I'm going to have another week without phone, broadband, or TV. The whole building is already cabled up by Virgin - the landlord had a Virgin account already running. There's a Virgin socket for the TV, plus a Virgin branded telephone socket already in my flat. Why exactly do I need an engineer to plug a router in for me?

I am stuck for another week having to depend on an O2 wifi dongle I've had to pay for, where the service jumps from 4G to 3G to 2G and back again - making it very difficult to work from home.

I am also furious that no-one bothered to contact me to tell me I need not take the day off work. Now I will have to take next Friday off as well. Customer Services said they would convey my utter dissatisfaction to the complaints team but I'm not holding my breath. They wouldn't even put me through to a supervisor to discuss the issue - absolutely no help at all.

I can't even email a complaint to someone because Virgin Media conveniently offer only two methods for you to complain - by telephone (tried it, no joy) or by snail mail. I mean, in this day and age - the only way I can make a non-verbal complaint is by Royal Mail? That's got to be a deliberate attempt to dissuade people from complaining.

If I could I would cancel and walk away from this miserable excuse of a rotten, no-show, incompetent, don't care how customers are treated, fright-fest. Sadly I can't, not if I ever want broadband in this pit.

It's unlikely anyone who isn't already cursed with Virgin Media will ever read this, but on the off chance, if you can avoid using Virgin Media do so - use anyone else. Otherwise you could be stuck with a fly-by-night service run by an organisation that charges over the odds and simply does not care how about customer satisfaction.

I am seriously angry! And stressed out.

Next step, I guess, is to pay to send a letter of complaint to Virgin, and then send another to complain to the ISP ombudsman - if there is such a thing. Sigh - more time wasted trawling through internet junk to find the address.

I've been with Virgin for less than three days and i'm already sick of it.

Avoid Virgin at all costs if you can, amigos.

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Re: How can a new customer complain about shocking Virgin media service?

Hi there madmushroom,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


My apologies for the experience you had when installing the Virgin Media services. I can imagine how annoying this must of been for you.


Looking at your account I can see that the services are now activated which is good. I have also sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) with some additional information.


Hope to hear from you soon


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