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Hitron power button not working?

Hi, hoping someone can help...

Virgin Media installed a Hitron router just on Friday, and I've possibly done something silly today: when realising my printer wasn't working and was connected to my old (luckily still-functioning) Wifi, in my quest to get all working as it should, I pressed the Hitron's power button and turned it off in the hope of rebooting as I wasn't getting anywhere.

I've repeatedly pressed the power button (and the WPS button in despair) but there are no signs of life: no lights have come on at all. I know power is getting to the router as the LAN lights come on when I unplug the cable from it and then reconnect. But is there a secret to turning the whole thing on? Or have I got a duff Hitron?



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Re: Hitron power button not working?

Hi jo and welcome,

It looks like you have a business connection.

We'd recommend navigating to this Virgin Media Business page for assistance.

Kind regards
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