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High pitched noise from modem/router/super hub


I'm getting a high pitched noise from our router, which has been going on for a long time now.  As the router is in the living room this can be really annoying and very noticeable. 

How do we go about getting a replacement?


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Re: High pitched noise from modem/router/super hub

Call VM on 150 or 0345 454 1111 and report the fault or wait up to 10 days for VM staff to get to this thread.  Often it can be the power adapter connected to the hub making the noise so worth double checking where the noise is coming from before reporting the fault.


Disclaimer - I don't work for Virgin Media. I'm just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong Smiley Happy If my answer solves your problem please mark it as helpful as it may help others
My setup: Vivid 200 Optical fibre with Superhub 2 in modem mode connected to a Netgear R7000 router. Telewest/VM user since 2001.

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Re: High pitched noise from modem/router/super hub

that happened with my old SH1 and the noise was inside the hub not in the power supply brick. but it limped on OK for 2 - 3 weeks until a replacement was installed.

any high pitch noise is usually a bad sign and equipment should be replaced. if can come e.g. from worn out capacitors, so you want to be rid of them before they explode.

 i noticed with mine that the hub noise stopped if I removed all the ethernet cables - obviously not a  working solution! but a possible clue. my replacement hub3 has been all good so far. I was nervous given all the negative threads about hub3 but I have to say that mine works flawlessly. i am using router mode, not modem mode.


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Re: High pitched noise from modem/router/super hub

Hello RiotGifts,

Great to see you here on the community Smiley Happy

Apologies for the noisy Hub, I can certainly get this replaced for you. Firstly I'll need to confirm your delivery address via PM (purple envelope, top right) and then I'll place the order.

Catch up with you soon,

Take care.


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