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HUB 3 errors and restarting

08-11-2016 23:57:47noticeTLV-11 - unrecognized OID;CM-MAC=xxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=xxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 23:57:42warningMIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1;CM-MAC=xxxxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=xxxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 23:24:21criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=xxxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=xxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 23:23:58noticeTLV-11 - unrecognized OID;CM-MAC=xxxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=xxxxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 23:23:52warningMIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1;CM-MAC=xxxxxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=0xxxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 22:50:53criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=xxxxxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=xxxxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 22:49:48noticeTLV-11 - unrecognized OID;CM-MAC=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;CMTS-MAC=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
08-11-2016 22:49:43warningMIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1;CM-MAC=xxxxxxxxxxxxCMTS-MAC=xxxxxxxxxxx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;

These are the message of log file. The lights of my HUB 3 became red and then the Router Restarted.

Could you explain why?

HUB installed today by technicitians, I've onlt got home and use it(just upgrading some apps on my devices and my upgrading my linux distribution). I need to do something before starting the surfing?


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: HUB 3 errors and restarting

Hi Vito39,


Welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your connection.


I'd like to check this out for you but I can't seem to locate your account. I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so I can grab some details form you.


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy



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