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HUB 3 and Engineer Visit reschedule

i have just remembered that i recieved a letter saying i was going have no service on the day of the engineer visit but still virgin booked a visit and my account page is not showing the area to reschedule regardlesss of what the website says

i was having half of what i was originally getting 212mbps down to 100 on 5ghz on my wireless connection and my 2ghz was down to 50 still getting over 200 on rj45

after many phone coversations i was given a superhub upgrade from my shub2 via the free upgrade

this turned up and i connected up and activated and i was getting less than 1 mbps so i was back on the phone and and some settings at virgin end it died completely. So back to my old superhub and the promise of an enginner visit


my old superhub is back to 200mbps over wireless which is wierd as i had no interference


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