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Green lights. Again.

When there was a broadband issue the service status would usually confirm that there was an issue, what it was and when it would be fixed.
Internet is down again. Off more than on these days. Internet status - no known problems. As it was the last time. And the last time. And the last time . And the last time. And the last time time. And the last time. Run a test - we don't think your equipment is on. I'm a network administrator. I can tell if it's on or off. Not that hard really.
Hours on the phone. And I mean hours - I've timed it.
No issue. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Yes. Yes I have.
Even gave Virgin the benefit of the doubt and asked for a new router as it may not be their fault - just a dodgy piece of kit - this happens and I understand that. Insisted on charging me for a new router. And so another hour on the phone. *won't go into how it was resolved as involves my account *
New Router. Same problems. Every other day.

What I'm kind of getting to is stop saying there isnt an issue when there clearly is. Last time there was 'no issue' you eventually admitted that there was and even told me how many men were working on it, where it was etc etc. But still officially 'no known issue'.
Really sick of this now.

Yes I have turned it off and on again.

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