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G61 Outage - 24 Hours

Broadband has been 100% down in G61 for 24 hours. Support and communication from VM is appalling. The service status page first said engineer on way & fix by 12.20, then 4.20, 5.20,8,20 and now the engineer is apparently still on his way and fix is 10.20. Either this bloke is on a delayed flight from Mumbai or this is a blatant lie from VM to pawn off enquiries. To rub salt in the wound when I tried calling 150 to speak to a human i got put on hold for 10mins then the phone just disconnected. Thi s happened 3 times. Obviously VM are scared to talk to their customers but just hanging up the phone is lowest of the low. If any of the support team read this firstly is there any accurate information on when my broadband will return. Second what is the most efficient way to escalate a complaint. 





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Re: G61 Outage - 24 Hours

We are also in g61; and down again. Tv also impacted this time.
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