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Extra £10 charge for updating my hub?!

So I've had a few letters over the past few months telling me that the broadband service that virgin provide will essentially break down unless I upgrade my hub soon and that everything would be super fast once I had. Oh and not to worry because it is completely free.. I ordered the hub last night and was less than impressed by the sneaky wording of 'free' when I was charged £5.99 for the hub. Only to find out upon checking that it's going to make a minimal difference to my current broadband speed. Not only that but they've added a mystery £10 charge on, for what I do not know! Currently looking into the benefits of switching to sky.

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Re: Extra £10 charge for updating my hub?!

You should not be charged anything as the change in modem is necessary to continue services 

See this thread





BenMcr wrote:
I'd point out that when the Hub 3.0 change is booked via the link in the email then no charges are applied as part of that order (because there are no fees for the forced swap).

However this was cancelled. The order would now have to be re-booked via the form.
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