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Everything with Virginmedia is Money!

I cannot get over this company, everytime I alter something to lower my monthly costs Virginmedia offers something new, which in this case is ridiculous.

Virgin Media WiFi App for iOS and Android sounds quite good, that was until I read the small print and even that service requires more money!

Activation Fee: There is an activation fee of £14.99

I guess this will be automated like everything else, yet you sting everyone with "Activation Fee's" which is an automated service!!

Initially, it all started with the old TiVo boxes at £44.99 Activation Fee - which I may add, on one ocassion the Technical Engineer asked me if I could do the rest because he was late for a "meeting"! Yet, you chucked another £14.99 Activation Fee.

I paid £49.99 for the 2 Tivo boxes to be activated years ago, so that ended up being nearly £100.00.

Another, £14.99 for the Hub3 Activation Fee, which is also automated!

Then today I get up to be greeted to an email from VM about it's new service and asking if I wanted to opt-out (by default it will be on!). Then I read the small print "Activation Fee: There is an activation fee of £14.99"... I refuse point blank to pay another "Activation Fee" - therefore I am "opting-out".

Activation is all automated, why must all customers have to pay for something that is automated?

I have been a customer since it was Telewest - back then we were treated to fair prices - nothing like what we get from VM. One day they will realize they have gone too far, when drones of customers will be leaving!

At the moment I have Phone (Landline & 3 Mobile Contracts), Gamer Bundle and TV (lowest possible Tariff at £5.00 a month including TiVo "Snail Box"). As soon as this contract ends, the TV package will all be going, and VM Customer Service will not talk me out of taking another contract out!

If you look at the average price increases over the years from VM it's not far off 10% per year!

Faster speeds in broadband and even price increases - Get Virginmedia Today! Smiley Mad

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Re: Everything with Virginmedia is Money!

VirginMedia, or to give it its real name Liberty Global, are in business to make money for their shareholders and to line the pockets of their directors.   There is no sentiment, no company ethos of customer loyalty and no incentive to improve the service so long as gullible people continue to sign up.

Grasp these simple facts and you will attain enlightenment grasshopper.      Smiley Wink



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