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Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues with Superhub 2 in Modem Mode

Hi all,

I switched my Superhub 2 to Modem mode and am using a TP-Link WR-940N router. I've left most settings on the router as default.

A couple of times since I have switched it on, the internet led on the router has changed colour indicating dropped internet connection. The Superhub is not showing this issue on its front led indicators. ie it appears to have a live connection to the internet.

Beyond rebooting (both devices?), can anyone suggest how I should diagnose this issue?

Can I connect to the Modem to investigate after it has been put into Modem Mode?

Thanks for any help.



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Re: Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues with Superhub 2 in Modem Mode

Hi Fermentor, 

Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have been having connection issues. 

I have taken a look and the connection looks ok from this side. 

Do you actually lose connection when the light drops out? 

Do you have DHCP turned on? If so disable it. 

It would also help to make sure the IP range is different to that of the original Hub to ensure there is no overlap

Let us know how you get on. 


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