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DNS + Power Cycle issues

Currently using the Superhub 2, and it has been utterly rotten the last couple of weeks.

Webpages take an age to load, and browser often need 2-3 refreshes to completely load any pages. The SH2 often power-cycles for no apparent reason, 3-4 times a day on occasion; I've ran a ammeter across the PSU and it appears fine, and the DNS issues occur both on my PC and across mobile devices.

Online test tool shows no issues, and Speedtest shows good numbers when connection is stable.

VM sent me out a replacement router to address the issues. I've just opened the box to discover I've been sent a refurbished one, and not new as promised; the refurbished unit looks as if it has been kicked down the street and driven over by a lorry before being boxed and sent to me.

I haven't bothered to put it on to replace my existing one, as judging by the state of it it will likely be broken. Twitter guys are no help either.

Typing this on my work PC and not home PC as I can't fully trust my home internet connection right now.


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: DNS + Power Cycle issues

You might care to post your hub's stats (power levels and network logs) so we can see if there is a line condition that would cause the reset issues (the DNS issue would be a consequence of a dropped line).

URL is Use the ROUTER STATUS link top right hand corner of the login screen.

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