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Continuing terrible broadband

Hi all

back in 2015 i was on the forums about the direness of my Broadband. Since then it's been fairly bad but livable with the need to only reboot the router 1-2 times a day. Unfortunately this has since worsened and it's several times a day again

The power on my downstream connection is averaging around -5 and this has been the problem all along

Capture d’écran 2017-03-04 à 19.09.16.png

I must have put out at least 6-7 support calls spending a good 40 mins on the phone each time and it never got resolved saying there's a lack of capacity in the cabinet etc... but none of my neighbours on the street have this issue
I left it because it was just about bearable and i was sick of the 7 hours+ i'd already spent on the phone

Aside from binning off Virgin, i'm not sure what to do because every phone call is like starting from square one

Any advice would be great. Especially from the moderators.


Original thread here


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Re: Continuing terrible broadband

Hi jazzipup,


Thanks for taking the time to post back on the community.


Apologies you are still having an issue with your broadband connection.


With the power levels they are getting close to being out of range at -6 dBmV. Do you know if there is an attenuator fitted at the back of the Super Hub at all? If so are you able to remove this to see if there is an improvement, if not we can arrange for an engineer to get these adjusted for you.


Speak soon



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