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Complaint update

I came back to Virgin Media on the 9th October The engineer who installed your equipment was rude and intimidating. Instead of listening to where I wanted the cables and wires to be installed moreover where the cables had been previously installed he drilled holes in my walls and damaged my cabinet breaking the glass and stapled wires into my cabinet. a report verifying this is on my records. When I asked why he had done this he became very aggressive and started banging his tools against my furniture making me feel intimidated in my own home. He then said that he was leaving and going to come back with his manager Mr Fitzroy. 2 hrs later I contacted Virgin Media to see what was going on and was told that the engineer was going to return with his manager. The engineer returned with no manager and finished installing your equipment in my home all the while I felt extremely intimidated and couldn't wait for him to leave my home. After he left nothing was working, 2 weeks later 2 more engineers came and had to completely reinstall all of the equipment and said they had to do this as the previous engineer hadn't wired the equipment properly. As stated above a full report verifying what I have stated is on record. My equipment was still not working properly again 2 weeks later I was given a new TiVo box and was told there was a problem with the smart card. My broadband has been intermittent from installation on the 9th October and was completely off the whole day on the 16/11/2016 as major works were being carried out. 2 complaints have been raised fundamentally escalated and nobody has contacted me. The 28 day period has now been breached to date nobody has contacted me yet you have billed me £165.00 for services that I have not received fundamentally my home has been damaged and I was intimidated by your engineer in my home!!!!! I contacted your customer services dept for the umpteenth time as my services are still playing up and to check if anyone was doing anything regarding my complaint on the 23/11/2016 I spoke to Gary whom said he was a manager.  Gary said that he could offer me 1 months package free as a good will gesture or release me from my contract fundamentally that was all Virgin media was prepared to do. Gary also said that I could have asked the engineer to leave my home at any time!!  I asked Gary to put what he had said in writing, to date I have not received a letter outlining my complaints!! Gary sent a message stating that all my services were now up and running even though my services are still intermittent. Later that same evening I contacted Virgin media again and spoke to Steve @ 17:05 who said he was confused because the same fault was ongoing but was not flagged up on my account!! Steve amended that error.
Ironically Sky contacted me as a VALUED CUSTOMER on the 24/11/2016 and offered me my old TV package including films and box sets completely free for 6 months!!
Does anyone at Virgin Media care about their customers? moreover, the terrible services that I have received? 
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