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Changing to virgin

Hi I'm planning on changing the internet,tv and phone package I have from TalkTalk to virgin and I'm worried about how it will get wired in as we have our current modem box which controls our internet and phones upstairs and the virgin deal I want (200mb/s) needs and cable and I know it enters at the ground floor so I was wondering if someone could explain how it gets wired in and what modification I might need to make so that all the tech in the house still works after the change?

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Re: Changing to virgin

Well, don't go for via the Quickstart route if you want to keep things in a similar location. Go for a manned install, the installer will run the cabling to where you want it, including moving/installing a new VM master socket (for the landline) if you want the landline in a certain room. The cabling can be run up the side of your building if needs require it.

Your BT Openreach wiring and BT Openreach master+extention socket will not be used or modified as VM have their own network and kit.

The current router you have will likely be one which has no WAN port, if that is so, you couldn't use it in-conjunction with the VM hub 3.0 you get (if you wanted to use it in modem mode so that the VM hub 3.0 only acted like a modem.)

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