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Changing from old Netgear router to Hub 3 - 2 questions

While waiting for the Hub 3 to arrive, I hope to get a clear idea of what's involved in changing from the old (Virgin-supplied) Netgear router that I've had since getting Virgin BB.

I'd be pleased to have answers to these two questions:

1) If I make the network's name and the password the same on the Hub 3 as I've had on the Netgear router, will everything (laptops, tablets, etc) all connect to the network as if nothing had happened?

2) I've always used the Netgear's "access list": when its "access control" is turned on, only the devices in a list (showing device names and their corresponding Mac Addresses) can connect to the network. Does the hub 3 have a similar feature?

Thanks for any replies.

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