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Broadband speed down to 1mb and now nowt

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After up to two weeks of noticeably terrible speeds (less than 1mb on a 60mb connection) from 6pm to 10pm in area 28, after a "repair" on cable at front of house to sort out a telephone line today we are now receiving no connection, unless we reboot the super hub, and only for 10mins after that. Any ideas? As I'm not in the habit of paying for a service I'm not receiving, this is the tipping point for me. The call centre seems to be fobbing me off with a utilisation issue that won't be rectified until November. So, what am i paying for then?
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Re: Broadband speed down to 1mb and now nowt

Hello Nwglasgow,

Welcome to the Forum Smiley Very Happy

Really sorry to read about the problems with your connection. I want to look into this but I can't find your account info. Would you please drop me a PM confirming your name and address so I can investigate further.

Thanks for your patience,

Take care.


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