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Broadband outage

Heads up to you all. Even if there is a fix estimate displayed on the Virgin website(ie they know there is no service), you only get rebate on your account from the date you phone in to customer care!

My broad band has been down since the morning of the 16th March 2017. Fix estimate then was Saturday 6pm. OK these things happen. Saturday came and went no repair. Next date was Monday10am then 2pm. stiil no repair, so I phone in to see what is happening. Told it's due Tuesday.

After 6 fix estitmates and still no functioning broadband I phone in again. I'm told that Virgin have no control over when the repairs take place, they are informed by other sources(?) and that compensation is only paid from the date I first phoned in!

So even though Virgin knows that there is no service the onus is on the account holder to waste their time trying to contact someone at Virgin to tell them something they already know! Scandalous and day light robbery!!!

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