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An engineer doing an install for someone else broke my connection

Around lunchtime yesterday I heard drilling from a neighbouring flat. Shortly afterwards, my superhub started flashing with a green light.

I called support and after trying their solutions it was agreed that an engineer would be required, and one is booked in for Saturday.

It turns out that the drilling was a Virgin engineer doing an installation for another flat in my block. The reason my internet has lost connection is because this engineer failed to do his/her job properly and broke not only mine, but all other Virgin connections that connect through the brown box attached to the outer wall of the block. The reason we know he/she did not do their job properly, is because the brown box that the main cable passes through into the flats was left open to the elements, with all wiring exposed.

This incompetence seems to be a recurring issue in my area. When I first had my connection installed, everything was working fine when my engineer left in the morning. However, shortly afterwards I lost connection and this was due to another engineer turning up and breaking my connection while doing another install. Luckily, I still had the number of my engineer so I called him and he came back and fixed it later that day, so no harm done.

I am rather disappointed that I will be without my connection for 3 days. One of my neighbours who is also affected has raised a formal complaint, because the engineer in question also damaged bushes around his property while gaining access, and left a lot of cut wiring and an old two-way splitter on his patio.

I could accept being without internet for 3 days if it was a generalised problem in my area. However, in this case it was actually a Virgin engineer who basically vandalised our connections. Is there any way that this issue can be expedited, since having to wait so long for someone to come and fix a problem Virgin created seems unreasonable?







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Re: An engineer doing an install for someone else broke my connection

Hello Paul_A1,

Thanks for joining the community, I'm sorry it's not under better circumstances Smiley Sad

Checking your connection I can see that you're back up and running now. Please accept my sincere apologies for the loss of service caused by our engineer, I know accidents happen, but none the less I appreciate it's an inconvenience.

Thanks again for your post, please let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

Take care.


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