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3 months to install a broadband line extension of 5 meters

So I have been waiting for someone in the pre install team / construction team to pull their finger out of their **** and let me know when the work outside of my house will be completed. I have now had 2 appointments where an engineer has turned up not to be able to install the line.

1st call - the work has been completed I was informed. No it hadn't as no line was installed through my drive.

2nd call - we need to gain permission from the local council. Again no you don't as the land you need to do work on is my property. I was then told I will be provided an update in due course, it has been circa 1 month and still no update.

I was fed the standard line of 6-8 weeks for the work to be completed, this at latest should have been end of Feb 2017 (today). Still nothing has been done. 

I have tried to contact the pre install team to then wait on hold for over 40 minutes in the end gave up! 

All I want to know is what is happening with my account! Surely it can't be that difficult?

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Re: 3 months to install a broadband line extension of 5 meters

Hey bennieboy6,

Thanks for joining the forum, welcome!

Sorry to hear about the problems with your install, this sounds very frustrating. I've taken a look at your account and I can see you've been speaking with a colleague who's been tracking this and keeping you updated, I see your last update was two days ago.

I really appreciate your patience with this.

Take care.


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