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Sky Sports 24 hour pass

If I sign up to Now TV for the £9.99 24 hour Sky Sports pass will I be able to view it via my TV or lap top.I'm with Virgin media for TV phone and broadband and but its powered by Sky.


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Sky Sports 24 hour pass

Yes. Sky's new "cash cow" service can be used on any internet connection. You don't need to be a Sky subscriber. Not that any right minded Sky subscriber would pay those prices when they have access to Sky Go.

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Re: Sky Sports 24 hour pass

Blurb from the website:

Don't fight over the remote when you can register 4 devices and watch 2 at the same time. Start streaming live Sky Sports straight to your TV through Xbox®360, PS3™, Roku or the new NOW TV Box, watch on LG Smart TVs and selected LG media devices, or watch on the go on your PC or Mac, iPad or mobile*.
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