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OK for a termination letter?

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Virgin Media Ltd
Virgin Media Cancellation Team
PO Box 333
Matrix Court


Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing in regards to my account, number [My account number]. I no longer require the services Virgin Media provides and have decided to terminate my current service on the minimum cancellation date which I believe to be in June. I am registered currently to a 9 month student package and have no need for it after the minimum contract term is reached. I understand that under the Virgin Media terms and conditions, I am required to give one months notice regarding termination of a contract and this can be taken as that minimum of 30 days. My final payment for the contract is due 28/05/2011 and I would like this to be the last one, with my service ending on or around the 28/06/2011

Section J.1 of Terms and Conditions


These agreements will continue until the end of the minimum period for each service you take. After the end of all relevant minimum periods, for services other than premium television services, either Virgin Media Ltd or you may end these agreements by giving the other 30 days' notice. You must pay any relevant usage charges and line rental up to the end of that 30-day notice period.


Section J.3 of Terms and Conditions may cancel those services affected without penalty by giving Virgin Media Ltd and/or Virgin Media Entertainment (as applicable) at least 30 days' notice In writing

As the above states, I am hereby giving Virgin Media one months notice beginning 28/05/2011. With this, I will no longer be a Virgin Media customer as from the 28/06/2011 and will thus be ending my direct debit payments with the final payment on 28/05/2011.
Regarding Virgin Media products at my house, I await confirmation from you in regards to collecting such equipment. The equipment I possess is a cable broadband box. I look forward to your letter regarding this.
In closing, thank you for your service over the past 9 months.

Yours sincerely,


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I intend to send it by recorded delivery.  Is this ok for a letter of termination?


Please use plain text.
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Re: OK for a termination letter?

it looks ok to me. i'd also make sure you delete the direct debit to make sure it dosn;t get missed
Please use plain text.