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Late Payment Error

hi , I recently moved addresses, and still havnt recieved my first bill for my new address, i have been logging onto 'my virgin media' every other day to check if a bill had been produced, and on the 05/05/13 i noticed that there was still no bill but that i owed £38.53 , which i then paid online straight away and since then it still says no bill has been produced. I then checked my credit report online and noticed that i have 1 late payment with virgin media for the amount of £61 ??? i have no idea where this has came from because when i check my virgin media online it says there is no bill to pay? i have just phoned virgin medias customer server, and the women on the phone confirmed to me that there was indeed no bill to pay, so she couldnt understand why i had been given a late payment on my credit report, but received no late payment fee from virgin media if there was a late payment? If there is any money to be payed on my account i will glady pay it, but at the moment it just shows up as no bill produced yet? she then got in touch with collections and then came back to me telling me to send a email someone at collections to get it sorted on my credit file? i think the email was  is this correct?
All i ask is that can you please amend this late payment on my credit file because having 1 late payment show up on my credit report is having a detrimental effect on my scoring, and i have been putting alot of effort into increasing my credit score over the past 24 months, and i dont want to see all my hard work messed up by a simple error. There was no late payment because there was no bill to pay, and i dont want to see my credit report get ruined by no fault of my own.

Thank You

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Re: Late Payment Error

Hi xmathewx,

We are unable to do this over the forums due to DPA restrictions, in order for the best result from ourselves, you will need to call on 150 or 0845 454 1111.
Kind Regards,


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Re: Late Payment Error

Don't bother calling, I have called 3 times now and all they do is tell you that they cant help and you only option is to email credit file amendment team, who in turn don't reply. 


If anyone has any ideas of who I can talk to that would be great.