Happy Birthday to You

by Community Lead on ‎11-08-2016 15:40


The Virgin Media Community is 7 years old today!

There's a lot of posts to answer, so I'll keep it short (we're not even taking a break for birthday cake this year).

It's great to see the numbers on the front page totting up day-by-day, and reading the vast amount of helpful answers being written by yourselves, the Superusers, and our Forum Team.

Everyone who contributes today will of course receive a Birthday badge (they're awarded automatically) and tomorrow will see the launch of a new board... which if you like video games might be right up your street.

Thanks again for making the Community not just a great place to get help and support, but a real community.

James and the Virgin Media Community Team

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on ‎11-08-2016 21:59
Happy 6th Birthday and many many more Smiley Happy
by Superuser
‎11-08-2016 22:14 - edited ‎11-08-2016 22:17

Happy 6th Birthday and many many more Smiley Happy

Oh dear,  Tazmanuk, only a year late!. Anyway happy 7th birthday to the community forum.

by Martin_D
on ‎11-08-2016 23:03
Happy 6th Birthday
by Superuser
on ‎11-08-2016 23:10

Martin_D wrote:
Happy 6th Birthday



I give up, I sometimes wonder if anyone here can read, write or count.

by Stythinator
on ‎12-08-2016 00:20

Happy 6th Birthday.

by appleaday
on ‎12-08-2016 07:28

Happy 7th birthday 

by pfh1959
on ‎12-08-2016 20:07

Happy birthday to you . PS do we get to test the New 4k Tivo box ?


by Superuser
on ‎13-08-2016 16:00

Happy Birthday VM forum! 🎂 🎁

by Sololobo
‎14-08-2016 01:28 - edited ‎14-08-2016 01:33

Happy Birthday: 


PS: I posted the same "Happy Birthday" one year ago and never received a badge for that. My input may have been in the wrong place then so will I get one (a badge) now?


by Superuser
on ‎14-08-2016 08:21

Has it really been 7 years? still remember the newsgroups.

Happy Birthday

by Superuser
on ‎14-08-2016 10:02
Yes, newsgroups is where I started out.
by Superuser
on ‎14-08-2016 14:00

Happy belated 7th birthday (and even more belated 6th birthday Smiley Wink)

Was on holiday last week so just catching up now.


by Martin_D
‎14-08-2016 17:04 - edited ‎14-08-2016 17:04

Still no got the badge Smiley Sad

by Superuser
on ‎15-08-2016 01:06

Martin_D wrote:

Still no got the badge Smiley Sad

Same, it seems to be a common problem.


by StopItRawr
on ‎15-08-2016 15:01
7th Birthday? Doesn't time fly!

As someone who (not so) fondly remembers having to resort to nthellworld to complain about then ntl, this community is a far better place than what it effectively replaced.
by fatblokefletch
on ‎16-08-2016 07:56
7 years eh ... does not seem that long ago. I've been here 6
by Sololobo
on ‎17-08-2016 01:26

griffin wrote:

Has it really been 7 years? still remember the newsgroups.

Happy Birthday

Ah, the newsgroups... when help and support was actually available.

( Superusers excluded - they still do provide help and support, in the main Smiley Happy )

by snout
on ‎21-08-2016 13:47

late to the party - just got off the cruise...

Happy Birthday VM

by mildenhall
on ‎05-09-2016 12:51

I started off on ntlhellworld, before the days of virginmedia!

by derekwatson3
on ‎09-09-2016 11:44

happy 7th birthday and may you have many more

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