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web admin area once in very slow refresh or actions hub3

HI All, 

Anyone experiencing web admin panel really slow, when you try to set anything up, taking over a minute to show all connected devices, if you name a mac address in the top connected device list, when i refresh it has renamed another device to that name and the mac address is there again with no name on it now,
It took me 6hrs to setup 18 reserved addresses and a load of port forwardings, after swapping from SH2 to SH3 last night.
Bearing in mind unless you kept moving the screen view or scrolling up and down, it threw me out and had to log back in everytime it saved a port forward etc, 
I could of thrown it out the window last night before i got to the last address, 

Reported to 151 today and no one else has reported this issue, well my mate about 200 mile away has the same so that's a load of usual palm off replies from untrained support staff on the phone, why is it you never get any sense of VM tech support until it's moved up to the big boys class upstairs, 

Thanks in advance


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