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superhub 2 admin page problem


I hope that someone can guide me.

I was without wifi today, I never had any problem with virgin media before but today the modem had all the lights like they're supposed to and working fine, but for some reason the wifi wasn't there.

I had the bad idea of wanting to contact technical support (sunday at 11 pm) and ended up on the modems admin website, and had the bad idea of deactivating the 2.4 ghz option. when I press on save an update, the page reloaded to a neutral internet explorer page with the typical "no connection" sign and from then one, the 2.4 light on my modem is off and I couldn't access the admin website again, it constantly gives me the I am not connected webpage... I have no idea how to turn this around but I need internet urgently because my husband works from home and tomorrow around 3 pm he will need to be online!

I can call the technical support tomorrow at some point but the 2.4 ghz issue I want to be able to solve before that....

any suggestions on how to get back to the superhub page? (I think that was the number?

a big thank you!!!!

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Re: superhub 2 admin page problem

I assume you're not running in modem mode so try instead.

Have you tried switching the hub off waiting a few minutes then switching it on again.

If that doesn't work you may have to try a pinhole reset, but then you'll lose all your settings.

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