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soo slow broadband speed!!?

As I have seen from other users, I am not the only one. I still feel a bit ripped off,as I am paying for what is supposed to be 150 Mbits/sec.& getting less than 8.0 download & 5.0 upload. This I have checked  with thw "WHICH"speed checker.As I have been working with computers since the 1970s,particularly with hardware wih I.B.M. as Large System Customer Engineer,I had a few expectations. I am sorry to say the level of customer support is sadly lacking. 

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Re: soo slow broadband speed!!?

Hi there oldfool81,


Sorry to hear about the slow speeds experienced.


I'm not able to detect any fault at present either via the equipment levels or network segment.


How has the connection performance been for you since posting?


Hope to hear back from you soon,



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