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hub 3 doesnt allow RDP internally

Just switched from Hub1 to hub3 and having some difficulties with RDP internally. 

I have even switched off the all the firewall settings on hub3 but still block. 

Put the hub1 back on and everything is fine.

Any suggestions? Also why is the hub3 interface so SLOW and your password is visible when logging in? 

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Re: hub 3 doesnt allow RDP internally

Hi llewellyn_peter, 

I have not yet encountered any issues between the Hub 3.0 and RDP but I will look into this for you and do my best to help get this sorted.

I am aware that the passthrough options on the Hub 3.0's are not yet working correctly, Making a logical guess, it's possible that this is the cause of your issues.
This will be addressed in a future firmware update.

In the meantime, you can have a look at this Microsoft support page, hopefully there'll some information that can help you.

Alternatively, perhaps you could consider using your Hub 1, until the passthrough options function correctly in the Hub 3.0.

I look forward to your reply, 



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