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hub 3.0 wifi and apple airport time capsule

has anyone connected a time capsule to a hub 3.0 - if so please let me know how you did it.


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Re: hub 3.0 wifi and apple airport time capsule

This is the way I'm setting it up after reading lots of forums:

A.  Put the Virgin Media Hub into Modem mode.

  1. Connect computer/tablet to your Virgin media hub (wirelessly or with a cable)
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Type the IP address of the media hub into the browser (mine's  This directs you to the home/log in screen for your media hub.
  4. Enter password to change the settings of the media hub (the default one is on the bottom of the hub)
  5. Navigate to "Modem Mode"
  6. Tick the 'enable modem mode' box and apply changes (the hub reboots)

B.  Set up the Time Capsule to act as the router

  1. Easiest method is to start from scratch with the Time Capsule, so reset it to start with and
  2. Follow the apple guided instructions, I selected:
  3. to "create a wireless network" as I'm not extending from any others
  4. and router mode "DHCP and NAT" as I'm now relying on the Time Capsule to assign IP addresses to all our computers, phones and tablets

Seems to work ok.