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cant connect to internet, or can connect but cant use internet

So today I have a frustrating problem.

with both my phones in the house connecting to wifi and my laptop surface pro .

I either can not connect to the internet, or if I can connect I cant use the internet as it says " oops something went wrong" but it says its connected on the wifi bars.

sometimes when I try to connect it ask me to type in my password as it says something has changed - which it hasn't.

it might then connect for 1/2 hour but then it drops out and I loose signal again. this happened randomly without me trying to enter passwords etc.

I have tried everything and followed all step by step guides to resolve - no known issus in the area.

I called Virgin media fault line for broadband and surprise surprise I sit on hold in a queue for 5 mins then they cut me off. - 3 times this has happened I am getting very angry as I need to resolve this urgently. any ideas ?




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Re: cant connect to internet, or can connect but cant use internet

Hey Nicole,

Thanks for joining us here on the community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about your wireless connection problems, it sounds irritating. I've taken a look and i don't see any cause for concern with your power or SNR levels. I know you've said that you've tried many things to resolve this but I wonder if you've tried to change your wireless channel yet? Very often this will improve the wireless connection, especially if it's being affected by interference.

Would you please have a go and let us know if this helps.

Take care.


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