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hi i have posted also under new large latency here is added material for VM attentiquality has deminished x3 i used tohave minimum nice flat clean line now look , all wired cat 6 no wifi why the degraded sevice now i speeds are good ment to be on 100mb and 5 mb up but its the latency isent it other tools i use show 25 35 % packet loss with average latency of 101 ms that's rubbish

speaking with VM tech of course there are no problems as they can tell well they should spend an evening with me trying to use my ps4 (wired rebooted cahe cleaned on all router sh2 in modem mode

so there shoud not be this problem (its not on my end ive even cleaned all vm connections as packet loss can be lose connections


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.02.13.png

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