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Zyxel wifi extender and Super Hub 3

I recently bought a zyxel wifi extender(WRE2206) in order to get better wifi availability in my house. Additionally, my laptop can access the Superhub from my usual location but my wife's cannot, when sitting next to me - one of the prime reasons for the purchase. The zyxel can (apparently) manage multiple devices connected to it.

It appeared very easy to set up and all seemed good when connecting to it with my laptop. However when another laptop tries to connect to the internet via the extender, it cannot, even though a connection is made to the extender which is still working for me.

If only one of us uses the Zyxel and the other connects directly to Superhub, all seems OK for a while, then one or other of us will experience connection failures to the internet.

It is almost as though there is a conflict with the 2 devices.

a) does anybody else use wifi extenders with success

b) has anyone else used these extenders

c) is there a setting on the Hub I need to investigate

Thanks in advance for ANY ideas, this is driving me crazy

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