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Wireless on Superhub 3.0

I'm having problems with the wireless on my superhub 3.0 my speed on wireless has dropped from over a hundred at the other side of their house to around 30 in the same room in direct line of sight. I've confirmed the connection on wired and it's 110.
The problem is the same on the 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies on every channel and it just happened overnight.

The problem is not my devices as it's the same on all my devices and I've checked them on my other broadband connection and they are reaching 80.

I picked the routers location on installation away from areas in the house that could cause interference so no glass/ tv's / cordless phones etc, and is at the part of the house that picks up no neighbours routers.

I would just buy a new router and put the router in modem mode but I can't afford to do this at this current time and I shouldn't have to. I expect at least 60 on wireless not half that.
Has anyone any ideas or had similar before I call support?
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Wireless on Superhub 3.0

Hello Mazzy7126,


Sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with your wireless connection and I would like to welcome you to the community.


As you have mentioned your broadband speed is okay through a wired connection so I have added a couple of links below for you to be able to get the best out of your wireless connection.


*Getting the best out of your wireless connection*




*Changing your wireless channels*


I hope this helps and you're able to get a satisfactory wireless speed.


Kind regards

Forum Team

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