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Wireless frequency 5GHz

Anyone else having problems with this frequency ? Some days I get 100+ Mbps, some days I'm lucky to get 5. I've tried running Inssider to see which channels are busy, but it makes little difference switching channels.

The 2.4Ghz frequency is more consistent, but I get nowhere near the speeds I'm paying for, and traffic is much busier.

This has got to the point that I'm considering leaving Virginmedia.




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Re: Wireless frequency 5GHz

Hi eddieben123,

Welcome to our Forum, hope we can help with this Smiley Happy

Firstly my tests show that one of your Hub's upstream power levels is too high. I doubt that this is causing your wireless issues but it makes sense to get it reduced. Please reply to my PM (purple envelope icon, top right of page) and I'll schedule an appointment for you.

In the meantime I am curious about the drop in speed for the one frequency. This is more likely due to environmental issues rather than a fault of the Hub. Please take a look at the below links to see if they help:

Optimising your Virgin Media Hub's wireless channel

How fast is wireless?


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