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Wifi works ethernet connection doesnt

we have had 3 routers in the last month, our 3 ethernet connected computers arent getting a signal. we keep getting a limited use sign or a no connection sign come up. we had an engineer out the first time and he fixed it. its obviously not router issue as we have had 2 new ones. what is it?

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Re: Wifi works ethernet connection doesnt

Unless you're somehow connecting to a neighbours internet, then both Ethernet and wifi are treated the same once the signal has reached the router.

And I assume the router is not setup in modem mode.

What version of windows are the computers using.

So 1st, when when you plug an Ethernet lead between your computer and the router, what do the Ethernet lights do on the router on the port you plug into and on the pc.

On an Ethernet connected pc, if you open up a command prompt and type ipconfig what does it say?

if you then type ping what happens ?


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