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Wifi wont connect

Right so i changed the password for my internet and now it wont let me connect at all, ive tried the password i changed it to multiple times, and even the old one incase there was an error and it didnt actually change, none of them work, ive tried reseting the wifi box and everything, i dont know what to do can anyone help??
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Re: Wifi wont connect

Hi there Bethcallaghan_,


Thanks for posting on the community.


I'm sorry to read you are having an issue with the wireless connection.


If you are able to log into the router settings page (using a wired connection if no devices will connect via wireless), complete a factory reset within here, as this makes sure it has gone through correctly. Be mindful that any other saved settings will revert back to default.


Once this has been completed, the wireless password will go back to the one underneath the router, sign back in, go into wireless and set up the password you would like again and hopefully this should work for you.


Let me know how you get on


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