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Wifi signal severely affected by somebody watching youtube

Hi I am hoping somebody could give me some assistance as technical support is as much use as a chocolate teacup.

     We have been having issues for some time now with my both of my sons PS4 connections. Our home is a 3 story building with ground, 1st and 2nd levels. My son's rooms are on the 1st and 2nd floor and they both connect wirelessly. When they are on their PS4's if anyone in the house    ( usually my daughters on their ipads ) watch YouTube the boys connections drop on the PS4 and they are unable to play online at all. This is now an issue constantly, even more so during evening and weekends. The recent speed boost has been applied and we should be capable of speeds of up to 200Mbps. A speed test, just now, performed on a wired connection gave me a reading of 94Mbps. 

  I bought a wifi signal booster and installed it on the landing of the 1st floor to attempt to amplify the signal for upstairs, but so far it looks like a £35 fancy plug in the wall.

Any help tips or anything would be greatly appreciated and would hopefully help cure the arguments of, "Dad the girls on YouTube again!" Thanks Rik

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Re: Wifi signal severely affected by somebody watching youtube

First of all I would look at the wired speeds connected directly to the Hub, to test for any local circuit impairments or any contention issues.

You mention you are getting 94Mbps wired. This could be due to the ethernet adapter in the device you are using, is only capable of 100Mbps or that the ethernet cable is not rated Cat 5e or better. So, the first thing I would do is check the ethernet adapter in the device to check if it is 1GB capable. What device are you using to test the wired speed?

It would be wise to test the wired speed during the day and again during peak evening period. If you are getting good wired speed during the day and it slows down during the evening, then it would suggest you have a contention issue on your local circuit, where there are too many people are on the local circuit than the circuit can cope with. A bit like a traffic jam.

Wireless reception is affected by many factors like Range, Client hardware, the Topograpy of your home, and the big killer, Wireless interference.

It is common to get a weaker wireless signal on upper floors as wireless propagates in a predominantly horizontal direction, so the wireless signal is weaker in the vertical direction. (Think donut). The Superhubs are basic entry level devices, so the wireless coverage is not that great compared to a decent third party router.

Placing the hub is important, ideally it should be placed in a central position away from electrical devices and obstacles.

It would be wise to optimise your wireless signal. Downloading a wireless scanner like InSSIDer for Windows or WiFiAnalyser for Android would help you select the best wireless channel by showing you the surrounding wireless networks, the channels they are broadcasting on, and their signal strengths, so you can select the best wireless channel. Bear in mind that the wifi scanners do not show interference from other sources of wireless interference such as A\V streaming devices, Baby monitors, Chordless phones, Microwave ovens, Plasma TVs, Security systems, etc.

Setting the Hub's radio setting to 300Mbps (or 40Mhz channel) is not advised on the 2.4GHz band as it takes up over half of the available spectrum, making it prone to wireless interference..

Using the wider, usually less congested 5Ghz band could help, if your client devices support it.

Once you are happy that you have optimised your signal and you are still getting problems, then you will need to extend your wireless network. A decent third party router would improve your wireless coverage, but whether it would provide full coverage around your home, especially on the top floor would depend on many variables like your wireless environment and the topography of your home, like obstacles, walls, ceilings, water pipes, furniture, carpets etc,

You could provide an additional wireless access point on the first floor which needs to be wired back to the hub. Wireless repeater\extenders are generally not very good at extending your wireless signal as it relays the wireless signal, so it will need to be placed where it can receive a good enough signal to relay.

Powerline adapters can be quite good at providing wireless coverage in hard to reach places. Bear in mind the actual speed will be around 15 - 25 % of the advertised speed due to their half duplex nature and will depend on the condition of your home's electrical wiring

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