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Wifi range Halfed

my 2ac has been working with reduced range for a bout a week i have rebooted etc no effect this is the same on all my devices.scanned for new competing signals none noted.have changed channel no change and it applies to both 2.4ghz and 5ghz  any ideas thanks

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Re: Wifi range Halfed

It certainly sounds as though your SuperHub 2ac is on its way out.

You could try a full reset of your SuperHub in case there is an issue with any of the settings, but I doubt this - worth a try though.

Otherwise it is going to be a call to Virgin Media for the possibility of getting it replaced.


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Re: Wifi range Halfed

Hey rbwells,

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your Superhub. Have you managed to perform the factory reset yet? If so, has it improved the performance of your wireless at all?

Let us know if you're getting on now and we will decide what to try next.

Take care.


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