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Wifi (only) keeps dying

WiFi on by Hub2 keeps dying. Resetting the hub fixes the problem. For up to 24 hours or so.

I contacted support over a month ago, factory reset, changed a few things but problem persisted over the last month. Almost every day in the recent weeks (maybe longer)

Contacted support Monday. They "tweaked the voltages". Assured it was fixed. Problem happened again Wednesday. Phoned again, assured it was fixed again. Told that if not, and engineer could go around.

Happened again Thursday so, I managed to get chat support! I thought this mythical way of talking to support might be a better way to convey the issue, but no.

They insist there is nothing wrong with the device after doing (a fourth) remote diagnostic. I can upgrade the hub at £20. They essentially said I should move channel because a crowded channel will stop the SSID of the chipset from transmitting (i.e. it will switch off). Even though the first support chat a while back insist I move to the particular channel I am on (even though I told them it was crowded). And of course that channel is 2.4Ghz, but the problem is affecting both 2.4 and 5ghz.

They are of the opinion that it's not possible for the device to fail and start again after a reboot. For example the chipset could not possibly get hot and stop working until a reboot fixes it. Most other people who deal with electronics (including myself) would recognise that is a possibility. Especially on an older piece of hardware. But no, VM hardware will either work or not work, no in between.

I understand that a new hub may not fix this problem (if it's a firmware issue, for example), but they are not willing to try a change, and I don't know why. Even just waiving the £20 to send the hub would at least make me happy and look like they are willing to actively investigate the issue.

And told there was no note of last support agent saying they could send an engineer.


I'm aware that others are experiencing this issue on another big thread, so it seems this isn't an issue that's being taken seriously.

So now it's a call to the old "thinking of leaving us" number. I don't need fibre. I just need a working router.

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