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Wifi doesn't reach far side of house

Ok, so the house I live in in long, not particularly wide. The coaxial cable that goes into the router comes in from right at the front of the house and only reaches ~2m from it's entry point. This means the router is as far forward is it can be but the signal strength is poor and the whole back room is a dead point. Hard to live with in a house full of students.

I've called Virgin up about this and they did some tinkering all to no avail and then wanted to charge me £50 for an additional something to boost the signal. For a provider who boasts up to 200Mbps I'm barely seeing 20/30. With dead spots in the house and poor customer service I don't know what to do. 

Could I possibly buy a new, longer coaxial cable to move the modem/router further into the house? Would virgin supply me with one?

Thanks, Jordan

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Re: Wifi doesn't reach far side of house

Hi Jordan,

Although VirginMedia frown on DIY cabling you can actually buy an extension such as this ...

The alternative is to use Powerline Adapters which use your mains wiring to route the signal to another room(s) but they come at a price for anything decent.


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Re: Wifi doesn't reach far side of house

Hi 2 issues.

1) test your actual internet speed with a wired connection to see if your getting your 200Mbps

2) Wifi. Virgin don't sell the cables, and would charge you £99 to send an engineer around to move the box and adjust signals to match. If you do a search on these forums you'll find posts recommending alternative unofficial cables you could use.

However if your having lots of people connecting to the wifi, it might be better to invest in some cat6 cable and a cheapish (should have gigabit ports and good wifi) 2nd router to add as an extra access point.

Wifi bandwidth is shared by everything connected to it, and it also takes turns sending and receiving, and speed can further be effected by neighbours etc. so a 2nd access point ought to help improve bandwidth.

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